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About Brown Glier Law

Brown Glier Law represents a large and diverse group of employers worldwide with respect to all of their immigration and global relocation needs.  

This well-diversified client base provides us with invaluable experiences that prove beneficial to each of our clients, no matter their industry, volume or specific immigration needs. With this broad base of clients, each of our professionals is better positioned to anticipate any number of potential issues that may arise through the pursuit of immigration benefits.  We work closely with clients in developing consistent immigration policy to address questions related to hiring decisions, green card sponsorship, international travel and immigration benefits for qualifying dependents.  We actively manage our clients’ varied caseloads to ensure continuous maintenance of temporary and/ or permanent immigration status (in the U.S. and abroad).  We also counsel clients with respect to compliance matters, such as I-9 employment verification, USDOL and USCIS filings and deemed exports.

Working with employers of all sizes and levels of sophistication on immigration matters, we pride ourselves on delivering our services in a way that makes seeking immigration benefits as easy as possible for our clients. We work with each of our clients to ensure that their immigration matters are being managed and handled in a manner that works best for them and we appreciate that some circumstances warrant additional guidance and support.  Additionally, we regularly offer on-site training and meeting opportunities to help address problems before they arise.

We enjoy close partnerships with our clients in devising employer-specific immigration policy, actively managing open immigration files, and developing specific yet consistent immigration strategy for each employee.  Usually, this partnership involves working cooperatively with the foreign national employee, his/ her manager, and the HR and/ or legal department.  A keystone of our practice is working closely with our clients so that they remain well-informed of current status, short and long-term plans and goals, as well as substantive weaknesses on individual files, if any.  U.S. immigration law has been compared to the complexities within the U.S. tax code and as such, we do not expect our clients to be familiar with or aware of the nuances in the law; however, we do all we can to ensure that our clients are well informed of the big picture and how to progress successfully through the process.

We devise immigration strategy that is legally sound, creative and innovative (with well-planned alternatives as needed), and above all else, practical and consistent with business needs.  In its simplest terms, our practice involves the movement of people.  As a result, we constantly consider the infinite logistical needs of the affected employees and their families.  Our focus on these practical considerations is possible because of the breadth and depth of our collective experiences.  Government trends and priorities shift often, and success on immigration matters is based on being adaptable and identifying what has worked and what has not through specific experiences at certain U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad and in filings with the U.S. Departments of Labor and Homeland Security.  We are active in the immigration bar which allows us to glean best practices from others’ experiences as well and we work closely with Congressional liaisons to help identify and correct delays in processing or other problematic scenarios.