U.S. Immigration

We devise immigration strategy that is legally sound, creative and innovative (with well-planned alternatives, as needed), and above all else, practical and consistent with our individual client’s needs. In its simplest terms, our practice involves the movement of people.  With that personal journey top of mind, we consider the infinite logistical needs of the employee and his or her family. Our focus on these practical considerations is possible because of the breadth and depth of our experiences.  Government trends and priorities shift often, and success on immigration matters is based on being adaptable and identifying what has worked and what has not through specific experiences at U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad and in filings with the U.S. Departments of Labor and Homeland Security. Our clients also appreciate our active management of their immigration matters, allowing them to focus on their work instead of the immigration process.

Our team routinely prepares and advises on the following temporary, non-immigrant visa options:

When our clients are interested in pursuing longer term status in the U.S. for their key personnel, we also have substantial experience with all types of business-related permanent residence applications, including: